My opinion on why the Christian faith is losing followers (and yes, I am a Christian)


You hear everyday how churches congregations have become smaller and how Christians are renouncing their faith. As I am going through my social media newsfeeds and reading articles and other blogs, I can understand why this is happening. Social media and news articles are full of HATE and IGNORANCE! The worst part of this for me is the fact that 90% of the time it is a so-called Christian spewing the words of hate, but calling it the Word of GOD. This truly angers me! I was raised in church, taught Sunday school and VBS classes and not once did i teach hate, nor was I taught hate. I was taught to love thy neighbor and only GOD can redeem me or condemn me.. Somehow these teachings have been twisted in society..It is now Love thy neighbor only if he/she does everything the same way that I do. Christians are the first ones to scream freedom of religion but believe it only pertains to them..NEWSFALASH! IT MEANS FREEDOM TO PRACTICE ANY RELIGION WITHOUT PERSECUTION!

Now that i have that off my chest, I would like to look at some recent and some maybe not so recent events that have caused this rant.

1. A Christian minister wrote a blog article making promises to his children if they are homosexual. It was full of love and a wonderful article. He promises that his love and perspective of them will not change. He promises that he will not pray for them to be “changed” or “fixed”. He will pray for them to handle the struggles and hate of society. Absolutely wonderful!
Then I started reading the comments.. I was disgusted with humans and felt that the last group I wanted to be associated with was the “Christians”.. There were comments telling this man that he should not be allowed to call himself a minister. People made comments that he did not love his children because he was allowing them to commit sin and condemning them to Hell. The worst comment came from a man quoting scripture out of context, who not only said that if it were his children he would ask god to make them normal, but that he would beat the gay out of them because they would be abominations. I’m not sure what Bible he reads but it definitely isn’t one I have read.
2. ISIS beheadings.. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain what this is so I will go straight to the point. ISIS beheads someone for being Christian and immediately my social media blows up with stupidity. Posts saying How dare they do this to Christians! We should behead them because they aren’t Christian or All Muslims are members of ISIS. That makes perfect sense! How else can we prove that we as Christians are loving and wonderful people other than chopping someones head off! *sarcasm* Really people?! And if all Muslims are members of ISIS then all Christians are non-denominational. Oh wait, some Christians do belong to a denomination..hmmm

I will stop with these two examples only because this list could go on forever.. The point I am trying to make is this: Christians are supposed to spead God’s word and help people find Salvation. We are not suppose to spread hate or condemn those who are different from us. People are losing their faith because of humanity. If you want to bring people to believe in the Christian faith, then try by showing compassion and love, not hate and ignorance. People are leaving Christianity for other religions because other religions show more tolerance for individuality and are less condemning. We are all sinners and we are all children of GOD. “Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.” Matthew 7:1-2 NAB Revised edition